This is the home of Cori Kane, writer.

Here you can find out what I’m up to – in English and German. This blog is bilingual, because that’s what I am too, and I write in both languages.

I’m currently busy working on some fiction but you’re welcome to stay and look around. I’m pretty much constantly working on these pages, keeping you updated on my writing projects.

I don’t know how the weather is in your part of the world but here in Germany it rains a lot this June. Good thing, there’s a new anthology by Ylva Publishing to curl up with.

Finding Ms. Write500x800

This anthology contains 12 stories by 12 writers and they’re all about lesbians and books, lesbians who write books, lesbians who read books, sell books, edit books. I’m one of those 12 authors who contributed a story.

Wrote Trip – as my story is called – is about Patrice Rogers, a writer who’s got a bad case of writer’s block. In order to regain her inspiration, she goes on a road trip. What she finds isn’t necessarily her inspiration but perhaps a muse in the form of hitchhiker Jen.

Finding Ms. Write is available as ebook directly from Ylva Publishing and will be available as print and ebook editions from your online retailers shortly.

It’s here now – the novella you’ve all been waiting for! Just kidding. I’ve been waiting for it, and now here it is and I want you all to read it. Why? Because it’s mine, and I think it’s good and if it’s not I need someone to tell me.

The Affair – Robin and Linda are having an affair. Things get complicated when they discover their feelings go deeper than after office sex. Is there a chance to build love out of the broken remains of their failed marriages? (Click the cover for the publisher’s official page)


You also might want to check out this interview I did with Ylva’s senior editor Sandra Gerth. And here is the link to a wonderful review I got from Curve Magazine. So thrilled about this.

Click the cover to learn more about the Halloween anthology that has been published by Ylva Publishing. It includes stories of some really awesome writers – and me.


My story’s called A Lesson in Magic – here’s the synopsis:

At her best friend’s Halloween party, Erin meets Raymond and finds him strangely attractive. Strangely, because she’s a lesbian and men haven’t been on her radar for some time. But Raymond is not quite the man his costume suggests.

Wicked Things is available as printed and electronic editions. (You can find links on the short story page.)

As of 2015, I’ve been looking into some online writing platforms. You can find free stories on wattpad, tablo and inkitt (one of my projects in the coming years will be to revise all my fanfictions and put them up on inkitt). At the moment, they’re in different states of publish-ness; you can find the most content on tablo.

I’ve spent some time these last two years writing fanfiction – to get the hang of writing in English (I’m not a native speaker – maybe you can tell by the complicated way I phrase things) and also because it’s fun. If you’d like to check that stuff out, you can find me on



I like doing things differently, sometimes. When prose is not enough, I turn to other formats – like a play I wrote for a class. It’s a translation of the poem Résumé by Dorothy Parker. You can read it here.

Besides writing fiction I’m also a blog writer and maybe you want to check out my other blogs? I changed them a little these days.

Here’s links:

Corikane – bookworm

A blog where I review what I read. A lot of it is lesbian romance but I also appreciate the classics, and then some scary stuff.

Corikane – movie geek

I’m nerdy in many ways and movies are on the top of that list, for sure. I review what I watch here and then put in some random stuff I think needs mentioning.

Corikane – diggin’ deeper

This blog is for random thoughts on movies, tv shows, books – whatever needs closer inspection in my opinion. I try to put my education to use here and be semi-academic.

Check out the blog-part if you like, for there should be updates on my writing projects and maybe some thoughts on writing in general.

For now, it was nice to meet you and I hope you’ll visit again.


What do you think?

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