Such a Perfect Day

I’m positive you recognize this situation – you’re a writer but lately life has been annoyingly all-consuming. It’s drowning you with things that need your immediate attention and you feel a little like a batter in baseball trying to hit all the balls but failing miserably. It’s not like you’re not thinking about writing, you actually think about it all the time because you’re anxious to get on with this story or that. You want to write but there’s just no time, no possible way to just shut off the world.

And then one day, maybe even in the middle of all the stress you’ve been working through, your muse sits down on your shoulder, dangles her tny legs down to your collar bone and tugs at your earlobe. You bow your head just a little and she whispers: “So, this is what happens next…” You pull out your laptop – or maybe you just open your preferred writing program, because your laptop has been sitting on your lap for most of the day already – and you start writing.

Maybe you finally finish that chapter you’ve been fussing over for far too long. Maybe you start something entirely new, something that’s been buzzing through your mind for awhile, something you have a good feeling about, a strong feeling. Maybe it’s just a short story, an essay. But you write. YOU WRITE.

You see, this is what happened yesterday. I didn’t write like they do in the movies, with a big, fat smile on my face, working through the night, finishing the Great American Novel – you all know how fake that particular stereotype is. I wrote for maybe two hours, about 1,500 words. That’s not so much, it’s not prolific but, hell yeah!, it was inspired. It was glorious. There are days, writing feels like this, when nothing else counts like the few words you put on digital paper.

If you’re a writer, if writing is part of your life, it wil make you feel many things. It can make you feel like the worst loser in the world when things are not coming along the way you want it to. It can make you feel like an explorer, like an adventurer, an innovator when you grab at some new style or found that plot twist that makes your story unique. It can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, overly-confident, maybe a little cocky – just because you wrote when you haven’t been writing for awhile. It can even feel like routine, the daily exercise you have to master. Writng is all that and then some.

And yesterday and to me it was just everything. I’m still feeling buzzed, elated. I wrote and it gave me renewed confidence that life is managable. A good day to write.


What do you think?

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