NaNoWriMo – Carpe Tempus

I remember the first time I heard about NaNoWriMo (not that I understood what my opposite was talking about). I was telling some friends that I had written a novel-length story in about five weeks in June and one of them, an American, said that June was my WriMo… I didn’t get that and he had to repeat it. As things like this go, I came across this phenomenon quite a lot the months following but never thought of participating.

So, why now? I haven’t done much writing these last two months. It feels like I’m standing outside myself, especially since the year began rather promising. And now I’m at a standstill and need a boost. Hopefully, NaNoWriMo will be just that.

In case you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is (and I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t because I’m usually the last one to come across anything and everything), it’s short for National Novel Writing Month and here’s the official website where you can learn about it and sign up to participate. But in short: November is NaNoWriMo and people across the globe write a novel in one month – the first draft, that is. The official website will help you with advice and word count and other helpfuls, if you want to participate.

I had this idea the other day. The spark was a woman who came home to sort through her mother’s belongings after the older woman’s death. And it somehow led to the thought that the mother was a time traveller and the daughter, who happens to be a writer, discovers that secret – and a time machine in her mother’s basement.

That’s the idea, and now I have a couple of weeks preparation before November, 1st, when it all begins. Of course, that’s far too little time to do everything I have to do. There are some submissions that I’d like to get out of the way before NaNoWriMo starts. I’d like to finish The Affair and something even more pressing (something so bothersome, I’m not gonna tell you about it). And that’s only the writing I’d like to get done before November. Let’s just pretend I could be that disciplined.

By the way, the working title of the piece is Carpe Tempus (Seize time!) – and, yes, it does refer to the time travelling-aspect of the story as well as my own writing. I think it fits.

If you’re participating as well, I would love to hear from you on the official platform (let’s be buddies – I’m not sure what that includes but I’m willing to explore the possibilities). I’m new to this whole thing and awfully excited (as it is with new projects). Let’s do this, then. It’s time to get back into ‘the writing.’

Carpe tempus, lovelies.


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