Newbie Nominations

Thank you to Enrayn for my nomination, I bow to you. (I’m sure, you’re doing great on NaNo – if you need another buddy: buddy me [name’s Corikane] and I buddy you back)

The idea of Newbie Nominations is simple – it gives newbies the push to search for blogs that will interest them and it helps to build a community of bloggers.

I accept my nomination with reservation, since I’m not strictly speaking a new blogger. I’ve been blogging on WordPress for five years now, however, this blog is fairly new, so, I hope it’s acceptable that I participate and keep spreading the blogging spirit, if you will.

The Rules

  • Answer the questions set by the blogger that nominated you
  • Nominate 5 new bloggers (fewer than 30 posts or less than 5 months blogging)
  • Ask six new questions for your nominees to answer
  • Choose a weekly feature that you can stick to for a month or a monthly fixture that you will stick to for 6 months
  • Add your 5 bloggers to your feed and comment on their posts

Answering Questions

  1. Do you read more or write more? – While I read only 19 novels so far this year, it’s still more than what I put out. But that’s okay, you can’t write without reading.
  2. E-Book or Paperback? – I actually wrote a blog post about this. I love books, I love the way they feel and smell, their weight. I love the printed word. But I find my kindle useful, especially when I’m travelling. At the moment, it’s what’s keeping me sane, as I don’t have my books around me.
  3. What book changed the way that you think? – I’ve encountered many books that changed how I think/thought. Some in little ways, others in bigger ways. I’m reading, I’m learning. Maybe the first one was Stephen King’s IT, maybe the latest is Take Me There – Trans and Genderqueer Erotica.
  4. Do your family/friends know that you blog? – My friends know. My family? Well, they know I blog, but they don’t know about this blog because they wouldn’t be able to read it as it’s in English, and most of my family only knows German.
  5. Should we blog every day or when we have something to say? – Hopefully, when we’ve got something to say. But I also blogged about things just to blog, because sometimes this is not just a way to share your thoughts, it can also be an addiction. And I tend to feed my cravings.
  6. If there were no computers would you keep a diary? – I actually remember a time without computers. I have then, and still sometimes do write diary. I also used an old-fashioned type-writer to write during my early teens… I don’t mind going old-school.

I Nominate

Asking Questions

  1. What are you blogging about?
  2. What made you blog in the first place?
  3. Who/What is the person/animal/thing that inspires you most?
  4. Share the recipe for your favorite cocktail, alternative (if you’re not a drinker): Share you recipe for a favorite snack.
  5. Your favorite quote.
  6. Writing – blessing or curse?

My Weekly Feature

At the moment, I’m writing about NaNoWriMo every weekend. I have a couple of other features, marked by the numbers in brackets behind the title.


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