Free Play [for the Reading]

I don’t even know what I was thinking about yesterday, but then I remembered that I had written a play once (a complete one, too) for a class. The assignment was to translate a poem into another medium. Since I’m no good at anything but writing, I translated a poem into a play.

I took Résumé by Dorohy Parker, and not because it was quoted by Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted. I’ve loved Parker’s writing before that movie came out, and Résumé isn’t even my favorite. I took it because it’s to the point, has a good structure. It’s easy to translate – at least, that’s how I see it.

Suicide, of course, is not a ‘nice’ topic, it’s not easy, it’s messy, and it’s emotional – and that’s not even covering it. Dying, as it is, is a difficult topic to cover, but suicide is really hard, and I’m only talking about writing about it. I tried to insert some humor into the play. The play is not only about suicide, it’s about dying… I don’t think it’s depressing. Maybe it is. Maybe you want to read it.

This is the link but you can also find it under the ‘Writings’-pop-up – I changed that header, by the way, because ‘Stories’ didn’t seem accurate anymore. Well, it’s just a little play and I’ve pretty much ignored all conventional structures. Give it a chance, though. I like it a lot and am kinda proud of it.

That’s all, lovelies.


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