I’m writing [3]


Well, how’s it going, lovelies? Yesterday, my nephew had his first day at school, very exciting stuff. I’m always excited when a fellow human learns to read and write, especially if that little feller is as sweet as my nephew. I hope he’s going to love it as much as I do.

Because, yes, I’ve once again fallen in love with writing. It’s not all smooth sailing, of course, because, as we all know, it rarely is. Every time I sit down, I stall for some minutes until I can talk myself into believing there’s really nothing to fear. Well, nothing besides that the story is shite already and nobody’ll want to read it.

But those are minor bumps in the road. The road much written, I guess you could call it. I’ve written 37k words in August and it felt amazing. Most of these words I put into Halfway Home, of which I’ve already told you a lot. I think it’s gonna be good. I hope it’s gonna be good.

It’s the only story I’m writing on right now. I’m really only trying to concentrate on it, but my mind has a tendency to wander. I’m doing research for another project on the side just to keep my wanderings at a minimum, but, you know, I still get side-tracked. The day before yesterday, I read a splendid post about clichés best to be avoided in your fantasy heroine (here it is), and it got me thinking: ‘kay, so, what would my kind of fantasy heroine look like?

She would still be a tomboy, that’s for sure, but probably a tomboy going on butch, because these are entirely too rare. There wouldn’t be forced dressed up as princess-scenes, of course. But apart from that? I don’t know. Should I think about it? Probably not. But I feel like my mind likes to go down these paths and maybe I need a little side-project, maybe I need more to do with my ever-busy brain cells.

Well, for now, they’re going back to work. So, what’re you working on? Does your mind wander off? Do you work on different texts at the same time? Tell me in the comments and remember: tomorrow is Friday!


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