Yesterday’s Poem [5]

So, maybe I wasn’t in the best place yesterday. I watched Kill Your Darlings and got a little swept away by the world sorrow.

I see a dream

written on the wall.

It has no end,

no beginning,

is all middle.

The sour sting of drink,

I tumble over forgotten chains

tied to my wrists.

The charm of the ever-believer.

The curse of my paralysis.

Have you been to war

like I have?

Have you fucked

your closest foe?

There's no string in the shoe box

to tie me down

beside you.

We have been high and drunk.

We tried on life.

I pause the movie, the illusion of my genius.

There's no written consent,

no formal request

to overcome my demons.

It's all in a dream

and the sneakers under your bed.


What do you think?

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