About Cori Kane…

Hello lovelies.

I’m Cori Kane and I’m a writer. I write lesbian fiction – most of it lesbian romance, though i’m trying to broaden my horizon. I also write some other kind of queer fiction, mostly transgender.

These pages are about my writing, some personal information. I’m always trying to fill them with more of my work. I just want to let you know about my writing process, about my written work, about ideas I’m having. Maybe I’ll get you to read my stuff, and (also maybe) you’ll drop me a note whether you liked it or not (constructive criticism is welome – haters will be ignored).

Random facts you might want to know about me:

I’m German and live in Germany but usually I enjoy the English language more than German. I’m also an Americanist (I studied ‘Merica).

I live in northern Germany and I like taking long walks, hunting for nice shots with my digicam (she has a name: the Purple Menace). I like visual arts, but I’m not really talented when it comes to drawing and painting (believe me, I’ve tried). But I like making covers for my stories, some of them you can see in the header.

I’m a family person; my stories reflect that.

I do believe that characterization is more important than plot. If the characterization is worth anything the story will tell itself.

I’m a fan. I love movies, tv shows, celebrities (most of them actresses), music (though I know little about it), art, history, and literature. My writing will reflect my obsessions.

I don’t drink coffee – ever. But I don’t judge people who do.

Without an editor, there would be a lot more hyphons and a lot less commas in my stories – be grateful for editors.

There are a lot of labels out there. If you have some, that’s good. If you don’t that’s good, too. I usually refer to myself as queer.

I’m scared of dogs (which is not the same thing as hating dogs, btw) and I wish I wasn’t. I’m more of a cat-person, I guess, though I never had a cat.

I love reading classics, but do it way too rarely. For some reason, they inspire me more than modern writing. They also tear me apart and leave me breathless. Literature is an insane, violent art.

I might add to this list if I can think of other interesting things to write about myself – I’m not particularly interesting, though.

I hope you enjoy my blog.



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