I’ve decided to make this blog bi-lingual – English and German. And the German part will be in German, so if you come across something that says ‘Deutsch’ it’s in German.

But linked to this page are my writings in English. It’s not my native language – German is – so some of it is probably quite pretentious and phrased rather cumbersome.

Why do I even write in English? I love the language. It’s so much more melodic than German, has a beautiful cadence to it. German is a hard language in that way. English has a compelling simplicity to it. I’m an anglophile, I always thought English was more beautiful than German. So that’s that.

I will sort my writings into format rather than genres, but I might change that at some point. It depends on how fickle I’ll be with genres, because I’d like to look into different ones in the future.

So far, you’ll find short stories, fanfictions, and a play here. There will be links to free stories, there will be some to sites where you’ll be able to purchase others – depending how much I can get published, of course. Look around.

Enjoy, lovelies.



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