I’m kind of a tv junkie. Kind of, because I don’t even own a tv set. German tv can be quite tiresome, so I usually watch shows on the internet and in English.

I’ve written fanfiction for many years, for a lot of shows. You can find links to the most recent stories and ships here [Most of the characters and places are not mine, but borrowed from their respective shows. I’m not making any money with these stories. No copyright infringement is intented]:

A Fairy Talelink (Bering and Wells, Warehouse 13)

They meet in a land far, far away – but will still fall in love as they always do. (It’s AU, of sorts.)

A Kiss Is Still a Kisslink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Beca and Jesse kissed – and nothing happened. They didn’t have the kind of chemistry Beca thought she may have with someone else.

A Very Secret Datelink (Rizzles, Rizzoli & Isles)

Jane has a date – and her mother is not to know with whom.

And It Hurts So Bad But It Feels So Goodlink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Beca watches Chloe – a lot. And that worries not only her.

As You Walk On Bylink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Chloe is contemplating the events of the ICCA’s finals and her feelings for a certain freshman.

At Playlink (Bering and Wells, Warehouse 13)

Grounded by Artie, Myka and H.G. find time to get to know each other a little better.

Belle and Her Beastlink (RedBeauty, Once Upon a Time)

It’s Halloween and while the whole town argues over its value, Belle decides that she wants to spend it with Ruby. Only, that night is a full moon.

Christmas at the Burrowlink (Hermione/Ginny, Harry Potter-series)

Voldemort has been dead for almost two years now but his shadow lingers and makes for a not too pleasant Christmas at The Burrow. Can Ginny and Hermione find a way out of the grief together?

Christmas in Pine Valleylink (Minx, All My Children)

It’s Christmas in Pine Valley and Minx celebrate it with their family and friends.

Christmas with Katelink (Kagan, Body of Proof)

Spending Christmas alone sucks. And Megan Hunt is about to have this experience when a surprise visit from Kate Murphy has them make confessions among festive decorations.

Finding Herlink (Shoot, Person of Interest)

Shaw and Root spend quality time together but Shaw isn’t sure it’s real. One-shot.

Friends Sharelink (Swan Queen, Once Upon a Time)

It’s Christmas and two inhabitants of Storybrooke are tired of the peaceful holiday time. They share a special present and some personal thoughts.

Halloween with Mauralink (Rizzles, Rizzoli & Isles)

Halloween in Boston and a costume party with the department is hanging over Jane’s head – and isn’t it just like her best friend to want to go?

Halloween with the Bellaslink (Staubrey, Pitch Perfect)

Aubrey loves Halloween, and she wants to make sure that everybody is having a good time at the Bellas Bash – until she feels that maybe she is having a little too much of it.

Happy Holidayslink (SwanQueen, Once Upon a Time) – in progress

This story was called ‘Christmas in Storybrooke’ before but I added another chapter and changed the title. I try to add a chapter each holiday. (Try and failure, it’s still in progress, though.)

Her Hair Is Harlow Gold, Her Lips Sweet Surpriselink (Triple Treble/Aubrey, Beca, Chloe; Pitch Perfect) – in progress

The Bellas are doing charity and Beca finds herself oddly captivated by the sight of two Bellas who might or might not be in love.

Hermione Granger and the Achievements of Witches in a Wizard’s Worldlink (no pairing)

Hermione and Ron fight over the question of witches’ value in the wizarding community – until a dangerous situation makes an agreement crucial.

Homelink (Bering and Wells, Warehouse 13)

Helena is finally home – but finds the “scenery” a little disturbing.

I Feel Pretty/Unprettylink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

After breaking up with Jesse, Beca has a heart-to-heart with her best friend.

I Will Go Down With This Shiplink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Beca and Chloe had sex, Aubrey’s pissed and some other Bellas have secrets, too.

Lady Jamlink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Regionals are over and the Bellas barely made the cut. But Beca has more important things to think of – with two people vying for her attention and a roommate from hell.

Loves Lost in the Foglink (Bering and Wells, Warehouse 13)

A nightmare-mission has Myka come apart.

Mama I’m Strangelink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

The year is almost over and Beca gets a surprise visit from her mother, Grace. And the older woman sure knows how to shake things up in the DJ’s life.

Missing Youlink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Chloe’s celebrating Christmas with the Bellas. Unfortunately, not all Bellas are present.

Morning Afterlink (Sanvers, Supergirl)

Morning after 2.08 – Kara visits Alex to talk about Mon-El, but Alex is not alone.

Not My Valentinelink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Chloe has a secret admirer – but is it the one she’s hoping for?

Nowhere to Golink (SwanQueen, Once Upon a Time)

They meet in secret. Things aren’t supposed to get complicated or real. But somehow they do.

One Night (Years Later)link (Swan Queen, Once Upon a Time)

Henry has talked his mothers into a camping trip and on their last night, the two women finally find the time to talk.

OUAT Drabblelink (SwanQueen, Once Upon a Time)

Drabbles are just small situational scenes I like to write. They don’t make a story but maybe you like them. It’s OUAT but they will probably mostly be Swan Queen and Red Beauty. Maybe some Sleeping Warrior.

Rumor Has Itlink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

A New Year’s party has Beca and Chloe become closer – but not as close as some believe.

Saving Danverslink (Sanvers, Supergirl)

A routine mission at the DEO has gone terribly wrong and now Alex, Hank and two other agents are locked in a room with a dead alien who’s possibly poisoned them all. Kara has to save them and desperately needs the help of someone who knows her aliens.

She Promised Me Lovelink (SwanQueen, Once Upon a Time)

Time has passed and Snow White and Prince Charming are back in the Enchanted Forest. Emma, Henry, and Regina visit for a birthday and meet a man Regina was supposed to love – or was she?

Since U Been Gonelink (BeChoe, Pitch Perfect)

Jesse breaks up with Beca – in a public performance. The Bellas are furious, the Trebles self-righteous, and two ex-Bellas have their own problems with this break-up.

Six Degrees of Queerlink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Jesse and Beca break up before they both start out on a new part of their life. But things around the Bellas house are more complicated and Beca feels that her fears might keep her from the one she loves.

Snapshotslink (Emily/JJ, Criminal Minds)

I’m doing this thing where I write short drabbles about ships and right now I’m watching a lot of Criminal Minds – inspiration: Emily and JJ. I haven’t written them before nor have a read a lot of ff about them so I hope I’m getting them right. These ‘snapshots’ don’t make a story, they’re only just drabbles, situations I see them in.

Some Drabblelink (BeChloe, Mitchsen, Chaubrey; Pitch Perfect)

I put together my ‘drabbles’ – those fanfic posts on tumblr that are too short to put up individually. Each has its own chapter but they don’t make a story. They’re all PP but revolve around Beca, Chloe and Aubrey

Some More Drabblelink (BeChloe, Mitchsen, Chaubrey; Pitch Perfect)

More Pitch Perfect-drabbles as you can find them on my tumblr – cardenio.. Still loads of Bechloe, a little Mitchsen, maybe a little Chaubrey… but don’t hold your breath for Jeca – I don’t deal in heteronormative canons.

Star-Gazinglink (Bering and Wells, Warehouse 13)

On returning from New Orleans, Myka ponders about the warehouse agent she misses most – until the woman appears herself.

Suddenly I Seelink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Beca has a crush on Chloe – and it’s showing.

SwanQueen Head Canonlink (Swan Queen, Once Upon a Time)

These are silly head canons I wrote on tumblr. I’ve selected them here. They’re pretty much about what was going on at that moment on the show, mostly season 3 – in case of confusion. I’m not sure I’ll add to them, because I’m not watching the show anymore, but I leave it open.

Take a Chance on Melink (Aubrey/Cynthia Rose, Pitch Perfect)

As the Bellas are getting ready for the Regionals, a tender feeling is surprising more than one of them.

Tequilalink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Beca’s drunk, Chloe’s sweet, and Jesse’s pissed.

Thank You for the Musiclink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Beca has a dark secret; one she is reluctant to share even with a friend.

That Drunken Night (I Hardly Remember)link (SwanQueen, Once Upon a Time)

Emma’s wasted and accidentally calls Regina instead of her mom. And Regina isn’t as loathe to talk to the blonde as she usually pretends. Did things change between them so radically while they were in Neverland?

The Emptyfeelinglink (SwanQueen, Once Upon a Time) – in progress

Regina Mills has given up everything when she saved everyone from Pan’s curse. After a year without Henry, however, she’s come up with a possible solution. But she needs Snow White’s help to get her own Happy Ending.

The Heart of the Matterlink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Beca and Chloe take their ‘friendship’ a little too far – in Jesse’s eyes. And things get even more complicated from there.

The Love Letterlink (Bering and Wells, Warehouse 13)

Helena writes a letter to Myka.

The One Where Alex Tells Maggie About Tessalink (Sanvers, Supergirl)

Alex and Maggie are having a conversation at the bar.

The Party’s Overlink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

After a party with the Trebles, Bellas and Trebles face some truths that effectively change some relationships.

The Price We Paylink (SwanQueen, Once Upon a Time)

Those who have made it back to Storybrooke try to deal with the aftermath of their latest adventure. Emma gets help from an unexpected source, David is not so lucky.

The Stewart’s Daughterlink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

She should have locked her door – her girlfriend and her dad agree.

Tom, Dick, or Regina?link (SwanQueen, Once Upon a Time)

Back in Storybrooke and Neal and Hook haven’t ceased their competition over Emma. But they may not be the only ones with an interest in the savior.

Valentinelink (Sanvers, Supergirl)

Valentine’s Day and Alex is alone at the bar – until Maggie appears.

Walking on Sunshinelink (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Beca and Chloe are playing hooky on a beach.

Watching Xena With Momlink (Rizzles, Rizzoli & Isles)

Angela’s watching tv – Jane’s favorite show – Maura joins in.

You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I’m Stoned)link (BeChloe, Pitch Perfect)

Beca was late for auditioning and there was a reason for it – the same reason Aubrey had for not having her join the Bellas: Beca enjoyed marihuana a little too much. Not that Chloe is bothered by it, after all, she knew from the start that she and Beca would be fast friends – with benefits?


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