Short Stories

The Matter of a Secret Kiss – Shauna Donaghy is a student in a creative writing class. The assignment is to write about her first love, but instead, she writes about a different kind of experience.


This short story is free to read on Wattpad, Inkitt, and Tablo. I hope you like it and maybe leave a note.


Wrote Trip – Pat Rogers is writer who can’t write. To get her muse back, she’s going on a road trip. But instead of spiritual revelations, she encounters a hitchhiker. Jen Chan is definitely not what the doctor ordered, but she may be just what Pat needs.

Finding Ms. Write500x800

Wrote Trip is part of the anthology Finding Ms. Write, Edited by Jae and Jove Belle for Ylva Publishing. It’s an anthology that focuses on women who fall in love among books, being readers, writers, editors, librarians, etc.

You can purchase your kindle or paperback at,, or For the ebook look at these pages: All Romance and Smashwords.


Courage – Dean Sutter is a hunter on their way to Courage. A school bus was heading there earlier and Dean is not happy: Courage is a small town inhabited by werewolves. Will the students survive the first night of the full moon?


You can read this story for free on wattpad, inkitt and tablo. I hope you like and leave me a note (even if you don’t like, writers learn from constructive criticism), thanks.


Excellent News! This weekend, the Golden Crown Literary Society met in New Orleans and awarded the ‘Goldies’ – and Wicked Things won in the category Anthology/Collection (Fiction). I’m so proud to be a part of this anthology. Congratulations to everyone involved and especially to Ylva Publishing, for whom this award was only one of three.

GCLS Awards

Congratulations to everyone who won an award and had the pleasure to be in New Orleans for the occasion – I envy every single one of you.

A Lesson in Magic – At her best friend’s Halloween party, Erin meets Raymond and finds him strangely attractive. Strangely, because she’s a lesbian and men haven’t been on her radar for some time. But Raymond is not quite the man his costume suggests.


This story is part of the Halloween anthology Wicked Things published by Ylva Publishing. It is now available for kindle on,, and, and as paperback on,, and

Here are some links for the e-book: All Romance, Bella Books, and Smashwords.


Partners Against Crime – A lesbian cop and her new partner, who is a bit of a lose cannon, get into a dangerous situation. The experience strengthens their partnership which is crucial in their potentially dangerous job.

Partners Against Crime

The story is up on wattpad and tablo – for free and your reading pleasure.


3 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. I jusst read “The Affair” and absolutely love it. In fact, I hope you will think about writing a sequel to this one. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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