Skipping Ahead

Well, now it’s almost Christmas, and now it’s almost time to reminisce in time for New Year’s. NaNoWriMo is over and I’m sorry that I haven’t updated at least one more time, but I’ve kept putting it off and then stuff happened in life and now… I’ve written 32,330 words this NaNo which is about 2,000 more than last year. So while it wasn’t a complete success, I’m not disappointed.

savingdanvers1This year’s NaNo was mostly about fanfiction for me. Fanfiction and Supergirl (or Supergays, as I tend to lovingly call it). I’m neck-deep in the evolution of Alex Danvers’ character, I just love that tiny gay bean. And I’m so close to watching again from the beginning, just to be able to explore her more thoroughly. She’s one of the few aspects of tv that didn’t disappoint (so far) and I hope Supergirl will keep up the good work. I watched a lot of Arrow this year, some The Flash, the pilot of Legends of Tomorrow, but Supergirl is my favorite DC show to date. And I may have jumped the Marvel ship completely, because they don’t invest enough time or money in their female heroes (cancelling Agent Carter, seriously?).

I’m a fan, I tend to get invested. And it affects my writing as well. At the moment, writing fanfiction is a sanctuary, a safe place.

But, of course, I’m always trying to find my own characters and story lines. I’m currently thinking about another YA series I’d like to write. It’s post-apocalyptic stuff and I guess it fits well into current times, with political leaders showing how little they care about people… and I’m prone to seeing all the bad stuff and imagine how it all will end. Also, I love the genre. Aside from horror, it might be my favorite. I’m rereading Legend by Marie Lu and The Hunger Games series might be next.

Apart from that, I also started revisions on Halfway Home. It’s been lying around for a year now and Halfway Home.altcoming back to it is strange and wonderful. I still love the characters so much and I think it’s a great story. It’s all romance and fluff, but it makes me hopeful at the end of a year which saw little of that. I hope I’ll be able to finish it mid-January.

Today’s winter solstice – the shortest day of the year. I’ve been awake since three a.m., so it won’t really be a short day for me, but I like sitting and working when nobody else is awake and by 8 p.m. I’m usually pooped enough to go to bed. The next two weeks will see a lot of family time and food, but I hope I’ll get some work done – probably in the form of fanfiction. I haven’t decided on anything I want to write next year, but hopefully it will be more productive than 2016. Hopefully, it will be more of anything good than 2016.


Serious Writer Dude in 2016


Hello, folks.

Well, I’m a little preoccupied this year and I keep stalling on things. One of those things is this here blog. I’m sorry for posting so little, but life seems to get in the way a lot.

But I’ve been thinking about things I want for my blog and I guess (I’m hoping) to change a little. The main thing will be that I want to include guest blog posts. In English and German, as this is a bilingual blog. I don’t want to include just any guest blog posts, but blog posts that have to do with writing.

So, if you’re a writer and you’re looking for a platform to say something about writing (your writing, writing in general, also if you’ve written something and want to promote your published work), here’s your chance. Just send me an email (addy up on the top right) and tell me your idea and I’m going to come back to you.

I’ve actually already have a guest post lined up, in German. Two wonderful German authors, Ina Steg and Anna Thur, have written a story together and in the blog post that will appear on here within the next week, they talk about the adventure of collaborating on a creative text. It’s an interesting topic, and an endeaver I only engaged in with one friend so far (those texts were never finished and probably unreadable).

So, that’s something I’m gonna include in 2016, hoping it’ll be of interest to you guys and any writer who wants to share this space with me. Other than that I’m pretty happy with my blog (despite being a little lazy just now), but I’d like to include stuffs in the years to come. I’m hopeful for this place to grow and improve – even if it does so slowly.

Leave word what you think of it. Comments are always appreciated.