Writing Projects [2015]


Ah, December. For me, December is kind of the month-equivalent to Neverland, a place in time when tv specials remind us of what happened this year and we already look toward next year, our plans, our resolutions. Nobody really lives in December, it’s all about the past and the future and, of course, Christmas. In my immediate family, there are still three birthdays to be celebrated and I layaway from one of them to the next until one week later there’s Christmas and another week later it’s New Year’s.

So, I decided to forego all pretense and tell you about my writing plans for 2015, since it’s practically almost here now.

I feel like 2014 has been a wake-up call for me as writer to finally take my passion for the written word seriously. I want to write – I want to write more than anything else in my life and I’m willing to make sacrifices. I’m also willing to work hard (yeah, I know NaNoWriMo kinda showed what a lazy scribe I am, but never mind that now) and maybe even stick to a schedule. Maybe…

Of course, should I come across an awesome idea that just lies there and trips me, I might stop what I’m writing immediately to write that first. But for now, I looked through my stuff, some of it older than the Moses of a web book I’m working on, and found some projects I’d like to write next year.

Here’s they:

Halfway Home – will be first. I still like the story and I’m still thinking about it. I started writing this as a Christmas short story but it got to be longer than I anticipated and now it’s at 18,916 words and far from finished.

It’s about two women from New York who meet in Cincinnati – Dina is on her way to Denver to possibly spend her last Christmas with her father who’s very sick, and Kerry is celebrating Christmas with her family and ex. They get to talking as Dina is stranded there because of bad weather and when her father dies, Kerry invites her to spend Christmas with her family.

What I like most about the story is that it’s a character piece. Dina and Kerry are very different from their background and way of living but they find common ground. There’s Kerry’s boisterous family and Dina’s rather stocky, conservative family, Dina is a hot shot lawyer and Kerry a carpenter. They don’t have much in common but they meet when they’re both lonely and need somebody in their lives who’s got nothing to do with their lives. That’s the connection. As they return to New York, there will be other people, too, friends mostly. Some of them will keep them apart, others may work to get them together.

That, at least, is the plan for the story. I still have a lot of writing to do and am glad for it. I think Dina and Kerry are among my favorite characters I have created. I’m looking forward to writing them again.

I’m not sure with which story I’ll continue, so those next projects are in no particular order.

Carpe Tempus – is the novel I worked on for NaNoWriMo, and while I didn’t finish it, I still think it’s a good idea and would like to work on it further.

Wells Brandis returns to her hometown after her mother died to sort through her belonging and sell her house. She has never been especially close with her mother due to the older woman’s secretiveness. While she tries to find out who her mother really was, she has to deal with her own problems and relationships.

It’s drama, make no mistake. Every now and then, I like to bury myself in something truly sticky and dramatic – today is not one of those days and I find writing about it a little tiresome. It’s not in and of itself but I still find it difficult to write about – so, I guess, this is not the first thing I’ll be writing after Halfway Home, but I still want to return to it next year, we’ll see. There’s always November, though I’m not sure I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo next year.

On the Rebound (aka Playing the Game) – is the German text I’m planning to work on next year. I decided to add a German text because I genuinely like writing in German, every once in a awhile but not all the time. It’s a very prosaic language and great for literary ambitions.

The story is about two girls meeting in high school and falling hard for each other. The story is told in retrospects when one of them, Lane, tells the story of their love to her daughter after meeting the other, Amy, unexpectedly at the airport. I’ve already written a lot for this story, over 70,000 words, but there’s so much work to be done on it… I’m not even sure where to begin, but I’d like to make this chaotic first draft readable at some point.

For the German projects of the future, I’m pretty sure I’ll be using old ideas, stories I haven’t been working on in years, maybe. The idea to On the Rebound dates back probably about ten years if not more. I didn’t even add dates to my stories then which says a lot – the young always think there’s so much time, and that their stories will be written in a flurry. I’m looking forward to working on this one, because it means facing a younger me and editing her horrible writing into something readable.

Love, Unexpected – is a new idea, one I had only weeks ago. I think it’s good. One of the things about myself that baffles even me, is that I’m obsessed with certain tropes or themes. And the most surprising is probably the Wedding theme. And I’m talking heterosexual wedding, and as such a heteronormative background for my lesbian romances. I guess it’s not that difficult to see the appeal, as all queers constantly live in a background of heteronormativity and the wedding of yet another relative or friend is just part of everybody’s life.

In this story, Greer Tomlinson, an arts dealer in California, is returning home to South Carolina for the wedding of one of her high school friends. Her girlfriend is not happy with her going and their fight might be the end of the relationship but Greer still leaves. Her friends  from way back when haven’t changed much, at least not the bride and her best friend. Sara and Caroline are still taunting other people for being different – among them Sara’s sister Madison who is an out lesbian. You know how it goes from there, Sara falls for Madison while she’s in South Carolina and the wedding is the beautiful, yet slightly neurotic backdrop for it.

I love homecoming-stories, especially for a wedding. I don’t know why but there are quite the number of films – most of them tv movies – that I like. You know, just spending an afternoon watching Bridesmaids with Sela Ward… it’s weird, but I like it. Kinda like watching High School Musical with my mom, it just makes me happy.

Sightless Eyes – last but not least. I already wrote about this in my latest post about MyNoWriMo. I’m planning on a little different NaNoWriMo which will probably happen in June, thus MyNoWriMo. We’ll see how and if this will happen, but the idea for this novel is a big one – it’s actually a trilogy.

I call it The Sonnet Series. Each part has a Shakespeare Sonnet as inspiration and the title is from the respective sonnet, too. For Sightless Eyes the inspiration is Sonnet 43. It’s the story of Hunter Fielding who doesn’t know it yet, but she’s a gamechanger in the undeclared war between humans and supernatural creatures. Well, maybe it’s not that dramatic but she has visions and those visions help the extraordinary creatures in the town where she now lives with relatives to fight a supreme enemy.

Cryptic enough? I don’t want to give away too much. The Sonnet Series is one of my big projects. The idea is from June last year and it’s been marinating in my brain some. It’s one of three very ambitious projects, one where I want to step out from my usual genre of lesbian romance and simply make a queer character the hero of a different genre. Hunter is said character and she will have her share of emotional turmoil over creatures she’ll meet but it’s mostly about her fight against the discrimiinating force that wants to kill her, too, now that she’s discovering her powers.

Those are the projects I want to work on – and hopefully finish – next year. Yeah, ambitious, I know, but I think it’s doable. We’ll see whether I’m right or not – it could be me overestimating myself, of course.  I’m looking forward to next year,  though, but have to get back to this year and my revisions on The Affair.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.




NaNoWriMo – Update [5]


I’d like to have a button that reads ‘I failed NaNoWriMo 2014.’ You see, I would like to acknowledge that I participated but didn’t win. I don’t think that failing is the end of the world, for one, I’m not THAT ambitious. And for another, I learned enough by not winning that I don’t feel it’s a complete bust.

What did I learn, you ask? I learned that November is a bad month for me to do NaNo. I know most people feel ambiguous about November, it’s probably the least liked month of the year – at least, it is for people who make calendars, because, I swear, all the November-pictures are god-awful. But, for me, I love November. I like the first cold wind that bursts into my jacket and makes me shiver. I like hot cocoa when it’s freezing outside. I even still like Christmas, because November has the feel of it but not the stress. It’s all good, plus it falls into the vortex of a three-month-period when most of the people in my family have their birthdays. To make a long story short – it’s a bad month for writing.

Hence, I have decided to have my own personal NaNo – I may call it MyNoWriMo – in a different month next year. It’ll probably be June. June is nice, but it’s not as super-aweseome as November. It’s warm enough to write outside and when it’s too warm I’ll be indoors anyway, so I might as well write. Also, I once did write a complete novel in June, might as well try that again.

For this year, I wrote 15,294 words in about 14 days, that’s not too bad. I can add a short story to that of about 6,500 words and a couple of blog posts, which puts my word count for this month at roughly 25,000 words. I feel that this is a success and am not ashamed at all.

I have some plans for next year, and one is a project that has been bugging me for some time now. It’s a supernatural story with vampires and werewolves and the likes – you can call it my take on Twilight (but not to my face!). It will have a super-awesome heroine, the hottest vampire in the universe, a wizard, some humans, and some evil creatures. I’ll tell you more about this in my next post about my upcoming projects for 2015 – unless I make it a super-secret project then you’ll have to forget everything you just read.  Anyway, this project is for MyNoWriMo 2015.

Tell me about your own experience with NaNoWriMo in the comments. Did you win? Awesome! Did you fail? I’m sure you learned something and will try again next year. So, that’s awesome, too.

So far – carpe tempus, lovelies.

Done [in November]


I’m aware that November isn’t quite over yet but I’m trying to put my stories into order, to see what I’ve done, what I’m going to do next month and next year. And since I have pretty much given up on NaNoWriMo (I’m gonna write more about that on Sunday), this is a good moment to make an evaluation of some sort.

While I completely failed NaNo, I’m not in the least disappointed with how November (and October too) went. Even Nano itself was a positive experience and I put Carpe Tempus on my writing projects for 2015-list.

I already wrote in October that I finished The Affair. So, I sent it to a publisher and have now signed a contract. Work on this story is not over yet, I’m going to have to make revisions now and then there will be the editing process. I’m going to keep you updated on this story but that’s where it’s at.

I have written another short story for a German publication. It’s called Unser erster-letzter Tanz [transl. Our First Last Dance] and it’s been accepted for an anthology that comes out in June or July. The story is about a transgender person who falls for a waitress at his cousin’s engagement party. So far, my German stories have all taken place in the U.S., but this one takes place in Germany with a very German setting. I feel that family functions differ a lot between Germany and USA, and it was very interesting to put a little of my own experiences into this story. (There will probably be a German post next year about this anthology.)

November last is another deadline and I’ve written a short story for another German anthology that comes out around Valentine’s Day next year. It’s called Versch(l)ossen and I’ve started wriiting it in 2007 – it’s been a long time coming. It’s now at around 6,500 words and it’s about two women meeting because one of them locks their bikes together by accident. They fall for each other, of course – I mean, it’s for Valentine’s Day so that was kind of a given, yes? I will have to do a quick edit, but that’s a lot easier in German than in English.

That was November (despite the two days left). I’m going to tell you more about NaNo and what I’ve planned for next year in my next posts.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

NaNoWriMo – Update [4]

Let’s talk about life a little today – life that is put on hold during NaNo, maybe, or just life in general. I failed. I failed yesterday because this update is already a day too late, and I failed this week because I haven’t written a single word for NaNo.

This is part of NaNoWriMo, too, you know. The times you fail to improve, to even think about your project. I’m under a lot of pressure at the moment, I won’t go into details but it’s bad. Most times I’m good at ignoring the bad which is also bad because then it grows into a big bad heap and at some point it buries me underneath it. I guess something like that is happening right now.

You see, there was simply no time to write or even think or sometimes not even to breathe without the thought of impending doom. Sometimes, I’m most prolific in my writing when shit is happening, when drama comes to visit me at home but, sometimes, I just hide underneath a blanket and try not to startle the demons hovering over me. You can tell, I’m a drama queen, right?

But so it is and it’s not going to go away soon enough. I’m not sure if that means that NaNo is basically over for me, maybe I will raise myself like phoenix from the ashes and soar in the last few days. Knowing myself, that’s not likely but we’ll see. I’m not overly worried about this, as you may be able to tell. This is my first NaNo – I had high expectations, mostly in myself. I think it’s a good program, and I’m going to participate again. But I’m not hard core, I’m not forcing myself into a stress situation because I’m failing to win.

I believe in temperament. I believe in a muse. I believe that life has its own right to exist and torture us. I believe that I can only be a good writer if I’m true to myself and allow life to intrude, to allow my muse to soar when it wants. You can say, I’m just lazy and undisciplined and you wouldn’t be wrong. You see, NaNo for me is for fun. I’ve already written over 50,000 words a month once this year, and that was in February. So, maybe February is my NaNoWriMo. Maybe next year it will be June, or even November, we’ll see. As I said, I like the program, I think it’s a worthy cause. Maybe I’m too temperamental for it, maybe I’m too lazy for it. I’m going to try to up my word count a little yet this month. Or maybe I’ll just continue Carpe Tempus because I lke it. We’ll see. There will be another update yet this month and maybe by then I will have changed my mind about it yet again.

This is me, of course. And I’m not saying it’s the right approach to NaNoWriMo, but I find that it’s the right approach to my life. You may take this much more seriously, sweat over your word count and stress yourself because for you it’s worth it. I hope you’re having fun with NaNo, I hope you’re being successful to the point where you’re proud of yourself, and never disappointed. Because NaNo can do this for you. Push yourself, if that’s what you want this experience to be.

If this update was kinda weird for you, don’t worry, it is. I’m not making much sense, I’m afraid, but I’ll keep diggin’ and see what I come up with next week. Until the, I wish you the best with you NaNo-novel.

Carpe Tempus, lovelies.

NaNoWriMo – Update [3]

Another NaNo-week. What I find really interesting at this point is that my outlook on the whole endeavor changes. First few days, I was mostly excited and wrote to write. First full week was more thoughtful but mostly fun and games. And now…

I feel that it’s time to think more about the story, to see where it is going. I just thought the other day that it was more important to worry about what happens than the word count. It’s just the way I work. I feel that I’ve come a ways by just hacking away but if I don’t stop and think for a while, the story goes down the drain. I don’t want that.

So, I took a day off yesterday to think what I want to happen, to make some notes, to get back to plotting just a little – not a lot. I like to know what happens, and I hadn’t thought about these things at all before starting this NaNo-venture.

But I did some writing this last week. I’m now at 15.294 words, chapter 9. I’m not really happy with the chapters and haven’t got a grip on how long this will actually be in the end. I need to put a little more headwork into the story, get a better feel for the structure. I haven’t written yet today, maybe I won’t.

You probably think I’m getting lazy, and you would be right, too. And you would be wrong. Sometimes writing is not writing at all, but acquainting oneself with one’s story. And I know NaNo is deliberately about ‘the writing,’ hacking away at words, to do. But if I don’t know my story, I lose interest, and then I might just stop caring. Meaning, I need to know more.

Where am I? Wells and Christine (the woman from the book store) sort through her mother’s library. They find a first edition of Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers and after Christine leaves, Wells finds a couple more. In Wharton’s The Touchstone, she finds a handwritten dedication to her mother, and assumes that it must be a fake. She’s angry and disappointed with her mother. She meets her mother’s friend Martin, and they argue about who Elizabeth really was.

So far. Next up is the reading of Elizabeth’s Last Will and the funeral… and hopefully, Wells will travel through time soon. I’m a little scared about that part, especially when it omes to the time machine, how it works, and, of course, the history. But I’m also excited and eager – writing, you know.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

NaNoWriMo – Update [2]

A whole week of NaNo – or rather, writing. I’m no stranger to writing every day, but as with reading books for classes at university, it’s always a little more difficult if you ‘have to.’ I don’t know if others feel like that, I do.

But it was a good week, not great, not sensational, but good. I wrote almost every day. Yes, I took a day off, but only one. I reached my daily requirement of 1,666 words twice, so far. I’m at 10,724 words which means I got my 10,000 word badge yesterday.

Don’t fool yourself, writing every day (even almost every day) is hard. My life’s drama does not allow for uninterrupted writing time. Sometimes, I’m sitting here at night while the tv is blaring, listening to music to drown out the tv, trying to concentrate on the words in my head. I don’t know if any of what I’ve written has a continuous rhythm, because I can’t read it out aloud. Hard time writing, at the moment, but at least I’m finding the time.

I really like my story. I’ve done some research and changed the locale from Reading to Bradford. I read about James Garfield and his wife, Lucretia (for some reason, he seems to me one of the most fascinating presidents of the U.S.). And I’ve researched first editions of books, just to know, you know. I find that time travelling stories need some reserach, especially history. But Carpe Tempus is also about books, about writing – and I’m doing what I criticize in others: wirting about writers. It’s tricky, and now add the fact that I studied literature and you have someone really nerdy, jerking literary theory onto an electronic page.

I’d have to read those parts again to see if I’d have to edit them, but that’s for later. Now, it’s just writing, looking the most imminent stuff up, playing – I’m playing with this, and it’s a lot of fun. I know, I said it’s hard and it is, but it’s also fun because it’s writing.

I’ve written 5 chapters so far. Wells is sorting through her mom’s extensive library, meets her mother’s lawyer with whom Wells went to high school. She also meets someone new, coincidentally, the woman who owns the local book store. Sorting through her mother’s papers, she feels that something is not quite right but she can’t put her finger on it yet. And that’s where I’m at. It’s still not much, maybe it doesn’t even make that much sense, we’ll see. I’m going word for word.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

I’m Writing [2]

Welcome to another installment of ‘I’m writing,’ though maybe you’re already well-informed on my projects – or so you think. There is always something I’m not sharing, you know, I’m secretive that way. So, let’s have a look at my current projects – and rejects.

NaNoWriMo: Carpe Tempus – now, I have talked about this at length, I know. Let me just add the synopsis from the official page:

After her mother’s death, Wells Brandis returns to her hometown to settle her mother’s affairs. The relationship between the two women has never been good and they haven’t seen each other in years. But with no family left, Wells feels the obligation to take care of the funeral arrangements.

While looking through her mother’s papers, Wells discovers non-sensical scribblings, blueprints for a strange machine and documents that seem disturbingly out of place and time. As she is searching for something or someone to explain her mother to her, Wells has to struggle with her own life’s failings, a girlfriend/agent who pushes her creative bounderies and an old flame stoked into a fire.

When she uncovers her mother’s greatest secret, time loses all meaning while becoming the focus of Wells’ life – like it has once been her mother’s.

And an excerpt – also from the official page – from the first chapter (it is not the beginning, exactly):

A memory flashed before Wells’ eyes – she came running down these stairs, pulling a parka over a sweater. She hadn’t even worried about being asked where she would be going at this hour, her mother rarely cared enough to ask, but then she had heard her mother’s voice from the kitchen. She had been on the phone, arguing with someone.

„Why would I tell her? She’s never even met him and she doesn’t care!“ Her mother had almost yelled into the receiver. Wells had walked down the small corridor toward the kitchen. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop, she was just curious because her mother never lost her temper. It was an odd sound, the tone of her mother’s voice raised in anger.

„I don’t care either!“ And after a short moment: „I’m sure he’s got enough relatives to take care of that, I’m not going to worry about it! Goodbye!“ And she had slammed the phone onto the cradle just next to the door which she had pushed open a moment later and right into Wells’ face.

Her mother had stared at her for a long moment just around the door. Wells had thought that she would tell her not to eavesdrop next time, but instead she had said:

„Your father died.“ Then she had turned and instead of leaving the kitchen she took the door that led down into the basement where she knew Wells wouldn’t follow.

That was how Wells had found out about her father’s death, that was how she found out that she even had a father, had had a father.

Keep in mind that it’s a first draft, there’s a lot of work to be done yet. I’m still behind on my daily word count but I’ve found that I can write under ‘orrible conditions (sorry, Titanic flashback, right there) – with the TV blaring and me trying to black it out with music via head phones. I’m expecting mistakes galore from those sessions but at least I’m writing words.

If you’re participating at NaNoWriMo yourself and you’re still in need of a writing buddy, buddy me up – Corikane is the name, written as one word. I would be happy to hear from you.

Versch(l)ossen – don’t worry, it’s a German title (and story) and it’s okay, if you don’t know what it means. It’s actually kind of a pun. The word including the l means locked, the word without the l means crushing on someone.

The story is about two young women who meet when one of them accidentally locks their bikes together. The other then does the same on purpose, so that they have to meet to unlock their bikes together. It turns out that the second girl has been crushing on the first one for some time but was too shy to approach her.

This idea is actually several years old already. I started it and then let it drop, but it’s still a good idea and I absolutely love the title. I’m now reviving it for a Valentine’s Day anthology submission. As I said, it’s gonna be a German story… I added it for full disclosure’s sake.

Eternal Thirst – I already told you about this in my blog post ‘Writing Vampire.’ This is the short story I had wanted to submit for another Valentine’s Day anthology. I didn’t finish it, but I would like to just as a writing exercise now. It’s supposed to be an inner monologue of a female vampire. She’s watching her ex-lover through the window, thinking about her need for her, her thirst for her. It’s a little dark and borders on stalking. I guess, it’s too dark for a Valentine’s story, really. And I already wrote about some other problems I had with it in my blog post.

I think it’s a good idea, I’m gonna keep you updated on whether I’ve written it or not. It will probably have to wait until after NaNoWriMo – unless it’ll just come over me that I have to finish it.

These are my current projects. Halfway Home is on the back burner for the moment but I’m plannning on picking it up again in December – which will probably be good for the story since the first part is about Christmas.

I’m looking forward to this month of getting back into the swing of writing.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

NaNoWriMo – Update [1]

I has begun. Yesterday at midnight, I started working the keys. This sounds more prolific than I’ve actually been. For once, the hour between midnight and one is not my most creative and, for another, I wasn’t alone and undisturbed, and actually a little pissed about it. So, 180 words are all I have to show for that hour before I went to bed – frustrated.

But I have mellowed, and written some more words. Mind you, I’m not at my daily requirement yet but it’s the beginning of a new story and other things are more important than the word count right now. For example, finding my narrator’s voice. That’s not so easy. You have to feel the mood of the piece, the temperatment, if you will. It’s sticky stuff and you don’t want to go wrong there. So, easy does it. At least for me at this point.

I think I gotten off to a good start. I feel this story. It will be high drama, lots of inner monologues, lots of alone time for my protagonist, and that’s how it starts. I did a little research for the location and found Reading, Pennsylvania. I thought it was a good fit and I like the kind of grayish atmosphere I connect with Pennsylvania. Maybe it’s a residue of Halloween, maybe I’m delusional that way, but I wanted Pennsylvania and I didn’t want Philly. We’ll see how it goes, I’m not even sure I will mention the place in the story.

I’m planning on doing an update once every weekend, to see where I’m at. At this point, I’ve only written the first chapter. I decided on simple numbers, no chapter headings – that may still change, though I’m almost positive it won’t. These kind of things seem unimportant but it’s actually good for the pacing, the order. I’m a stickler when it comes to the form of something, I always need to know the formal circumstances under which I’ll be writing, even if I set them myself. I haven’t thought about these things beforehand and find that I now have to figure them out while I’m writing – bad preparation. But I hardly did any of that – to be honest, I was a little weary to think about the story or anything around it at all. Maybe that was wrong, but I didn’t want to drive my idea against a wall, I wanted to simply write it, chapter by chapter, or even word for word. I’m not sure it was the right tactic but that’s how I’m going at the moment.

The first chapter is about Wells coming back to the place where she grew up, her mother’s house. Some memories come back to her and she discovers that the door to the basement is locked. It’s not much, as I’ve already said, but it feels solid… I’ll go from here. I’m currently at 1,159 words.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

NaNoWriMo – Almost There

On Saturday the madness begins. I’m not sure how much of madness it will really be for me because… well, I’m not easily excitable and I won’t pull any weird stunts, I won’t overdo it. In short: I’m German, and thus not easily moved into a group mentality. You may scoff, but I think historically speaking we learned our lesson and are now rather weary of the concept (or, as always, it’s just me).

But I just sat and thought a little about my idea Carpe Tempus – and I still think it’s a good one. That’s a pleasant surprise since I had some doubts the past few days, especially with everything else I still want to write, to start something new, a new idea… hmmmm. But, no, I like it, it’s solid (and, I guess, I’m using that phrase far too much to describe stories… it means, that something is good without being overdone, it’s not extraordinary, it’s solid).

The next few days, I’ll be thinking about my main character a little, about her relationship to her mother, to her girlfriend, to that someone who (re)enters her life. I like her name, though I guess some won’t. Sometimes it’s difficult to justify your choice of name and people get critical, even upset. I think with a novel that has a time travelling theme, the name of Wells is self-explanatory, and Brandis just goes well with it.

I usually don’t think about plot much, I let my characters decide what they do, who they talk to, when they discover that life-altering secret. At their own pace. I have my few plot-markers along the way. The plot is never the problem, though I guess I could be criticized for having too little.

The bigger problem will be the writing schedule. I’m thinking about this, about how outer circumstances could prevent me from writing. I know my writing style, I know my pace. I write better before 12 p.m., but an afternoon session is not a problem. At around 7 p.m. my brain becomes sluggish and undecipherable. I can easily write 2,500 to 3,500 words a day, with a free day every now and then. I’m able to insert a day of up to 7,000 words about every 7-10 days. If I write 10,000 words one day, I’ll be unable to write for a couple of days, it knocks me out flat and I honestly doubt that I will have the time to write that much in November – outer circumstances. My most prolific month this year was (quite ironically) February – I wrote over 70,000 words and I’d like to actively challenge that number because I see my novel at around 75,000 words, rather than 50,000.

I guess, I’ll set my own standards for NaNoWriMo. I have to. I like to think that my muse cannot be contained by regulations made by others – I’m that much of a self-confident asshole. But I still want to use it as a kick-starter. I need one. I’m not sure about how much I’ll be participating in the activities on the platform – I’m a loner by nature and writing hasn’t just chosen me, I chose it, because I like the solitary nature of it.

The next few days will be about thinking, maybe taking some notes. I’m looking forward to starting on a new project but I’ll be writing up to it. I still want to write a short story, have to finish that block on the road of my life, and maybe get some things done that will make life easier along the (writing) way – my personal life is crypticized.

See you writing, lovelies. Carpe tempus.

NaNoWriMo – Carpe Tempus

I remember the first time I heard about NaNoWriMo (not that I understood what my opposite was talking about). I was telling some friends that I had written a novel-length story in about five weeks in June and one of them, an American, said that June was my WriMo… I didn’t get that and he had to repeat it. As things like this go, I came across this phenomenon quite a lot the months following but never thought of participating.

So, why now? I haven’t done much writing these last two months. It feels like I’m standing outside myself, especially since the year began rather promising. And now I’m at a standstill and need a boost. Hopefully, NaNoWriMo will be just that.

In case you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is (and I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t because I’m usually the last one to come across anything and everything), it’s short for National Novel Writing Month and here’s the official website where you can learn about it and sign up to participate. But in short: November is NaNoWriMo and people across the globe write a novel in one month – the first draft, that is. The official website will help you with advice and word count and other helpfuls, if you want to participate.

I had this idea the other day. The spark was a woman who came home to sort through her mother’s belongings after the older woman’s death. And it somehow led to the thought that the mother was a time traveller and the daughter, who happens to be a writer, discovers that secret – and a time machine in her mother’s basement.

That’s the idea, and now I have a couple of weeks preparation before November, 1st, when it all begins. Of course, that’s far too little time to do everything I have to do. There are some submissions that I’d like to get out of the way before NaNoWriMo starts. I’d like to finish The Affair and something even more pressing (something so bothersome, I’m not gonna tell you about it). And that’s only the writing I’d like to get done before November. Let’s just pretend I could be that disciplined.

By the way, the working title of the piece is Carpe Tempus (Seize time!) – and, yes, it does refer to the time travelling-aspect of the story as well as my own writing. I think it fits.

If you’re participating as well, I would love to hear from you on the official platform (let’s be buddies – I’m not sure what that includes but I’m willing to explore the possibilities). I’m new to this whole thing and awfully excited (as it is with new projects). Let’s do this, then. It’s time to get back into ‘the writing.’

Carpe tempus, lovelies.