Free short story [3]


Well, well, just a  week and I’m already back here. You may have missed my latest post because in all the excitement of having written it, I completely forgot to tag and categorize it. This is what happens when I’m absent too long, I start forgetting how to properly do things.

The short of that blog post was that I’m abstaining from facebook, twitter, and tumblr for a bit. I planned a month. I’m a little overwhelmed by the world news lately. Also, I need to get back to what I love: writing. Also: reading. I spend far too much time scrolling through social media and playing games on facebook.

And I’ve already started writing and finished a short story I’ve started… a long time ago. Back then, I wanted it to be part of an anthology, but I didn’t finish it in time, obviously. Now it’s finished and it’s for the reading of anybody who wants to – for free. YAY! I know, awesome. Just like me, you love free stuff.

Im SommerThe story is called Im Sommer. Are you scratching your head yet? No, it’s not in German, though there are some sentences within (dialogue) that are. The story takes place in German wine country where Angela meets Judith. Angela is an American vacationing with her parents in Europe. The title of the story translates into In Summer – if you haven’t guessed it already.

It’s just a short, sweet story about exploring your sexuality a little. No, there’s no sex, there’s just fluff (as we fanfiction writers call it). A harmless, romantic story.

If you wants read: I’ve put it up on inkitt, tablo, and wattpad. Choose your platform and start reading.

This is just one of the projects I wanted to get back to. I need more writing in my life and hopefully we will all benefit from my renewed sense of purpose (well, I’m still working on it, I’m not all that purposeful).

Hope you’re all having a nice summer, some love, and a lot of reading material.

Keep reading, folks.



I’m writing [1]

At least, I’m trying. I don’t have to tell you that life can get between you and your passion all too often, we all know how that works. When I’m writing, though, I’m working on either of these two ideas, stories… whatever you want to call them.


The Affair – The title is what it’s about; two women are having an affair. I like the psychological predicament of the situation, the guilt, the questions about their marriages. What makes people cheat?

I have been working on this for a little while now – far longer than I wanted to. But I find the drama of it very complicated and that slows down the writing process (besides what life throws at me at the moment). The chapters are the days of close to one week starting with Monday – I’m at Thursday right now. The plan is for Saturday to be the last regular chapter but there’ll also be an epilogue (I like epilogues).

I think it’ll have close to 20,000 words when it’s finished.


Halfway Home – It started out as a Christmas short story but got a little out of hand. And I guess, it’ll get even further out of hand and will possibly end up being a novella.

It’s about Dina and Kerry who meet at a hotel in Cincinnati where Dina is stranded due to bad weather over the holidays. Kerry celebrates Christmas with her family there and she is loathe to see Dina spend Christmas alone so she tries to get her to open up to her. There are some things going on with their respective families, as well.

I really like Dina and Kerry, they make for interesting characters. We’ll see how far that interest will take me. The story takes place in Cincinnati, then Denver, and then New York where both of my protagonists live. I’m not sure that it will end there. I’m also not sure how it will end at this point, but I’m confident that the story will take me where it wants to go. Hopefully, it will all make sense in the end.


Well, those are the two projects closest to completion at the moment. I have some ideas on back-burners, there are always ideas lurking at the back of a writer’s mind. I’ll tell you about them when I start writing them.

So long then, lovelies – be good.